INTERIOR 101 - Side Table Styling

side tables.jpg

Ever had a book - or drink ;) - in your hand that you want to put down but there's no table nearby? Annoying isn't it? That's where side tables come in, not only do they visually bring a room together, making it look complete, they are also very functional pieces of furniture.

Beautiful side tables that are often works of art on their own need next to nothing when it comes to styling them.

Planca T by Grace Souky

Planca T by Grace Souky

For example, this beautifully sculptural Grace Souky side table does all the talking it needs to. It doesn't require any fancy vases (although the vases on the imagery work pretty nicely), lamps or trinkets, it's simply beautiful on its own - and given its steep price tag, it ought to be too! 

However, for those of us (myself included) that have more standard looking side tables to work with, or that want to style every single inch of our living rooms, a touch of decor here and there goes a long way!

The following 5 tips make for a great side table styling, giving the coffee table a run for its money.

Atollo Lamp by Oluce

Atollo Lamp by Oluce

1. Lamps
Lighting is really important in a room, and having a mixture of floor lamps and table lamps is ideal for creating lighting zones, giving the room ambience. Using side tables as a platform for table lamps is ideal to help create these zones, and with so many beautiful table lamp options, show off all you can.

2. Various heights
Feel free to play around with decor of various heights, I often find best a combination of vases and bowls is great at giving some depth to your styling. Keeping tall and medium vases together, for a more subtle height differentiation; the bowl then offers a more drastic height change, for an effortlessly cool styling tip.


3. Textures
The one thing your interior space should have to help give life and lift each element is texture, experiment with materials and textures to make areas shine through. I find if something is too much of the same it doesn't stand out, there's no elevation to the design, it's all flat. Boring. Over it. Your side table, no matter how small, should have some form of play with texture, whether it's the table itself or the decor placed on top.

Sostrene Green

Sostrene Green

4. Layers
To give the illusion of a fuller table, experiment with various elements that add a layered effect, making for a more thought out styling approach. Think books, vases, plants, candles etc. Just layer them up. But do use a tray where possible, it just pulls them all together so items don't look lost, and it looks neat. Like an organised mess, you've given it some thought and not just plonked things on a table.


5. Make a statement
If you prefer the less is more approach then stick to one or two pieces that will automatically draw your eye to it, but still not take focus away from the rest of the room. Cool sculptures work best here, pieces of art that will start a conversation but will also work with the room so you can show off to your guests just how good looking your room is. And that you've thought of every little detail. Boom.

Hope you have fun playing around with the above!